The Little Red Hen

The first and second grade class performed “The Little Red Hen” on the evening of Thursday, April 11. Pulling off a stage production is a lot of hard work for this age group! Students begin by learning parts—which helps develop reading skills—and music two months before the performance. Rehearsal times are short to begin with, but during the week of the production, full rehearsals take place figuring out how the whole performance flows on stage with microphones.

Performing helps build confidence. A first grader said, “The play went well. I was nervous, but it went better than I thought it would. It was fun.” Students who may struggle a little with reading or other classroom skills really come into themselves when they get the chance to shine in front of an audience. A second grader said, “The Little Red Hen play was awesome! I can’t believe it is so fun being the Miller.”

Vista Ridge Academy aims for students to strengthen each area of development during their time in elementary school. Giving students a voice through drama and music allows them to develop public speaking skills, memorization, and self- confidence.

This year, some parents brought in baked goods that were auctioned off to raise money for 1st and 2nd grade projects and supplies. The auction brought in over $1,200.

Written by Marsha Bartulec and Becky De Oliveira, photos by Greg Floyd.