$15 for 15 years

Celebrate 15 years of educating students in a Christian environment by donating to Vista Ridge Academy

Why We Need Your Support

For the past 15 years, Vista Ridge Academy has provided Christian education to students throughout the north Denver metro area to carry out our mission to provide holistic Christ-centered elementary education, encouraging children to think creatively and critically, problem-solve and explore, collaborate with others, and develop strong character in accordance with our core values. This year, we’re asking for your support to help us continue this important ministry.

A $15 donation to celebrate our 15-year anniversary can go a long way in supporting and educating our students.

Since the beginning, Vista Ridge Academy has been supported by our constituent churches, donors and volunteers. We have worked to create a supportive and welcoming community for our students by providing opportunities to grow, learn and lead. In order to maintain Christian programming at an affordable tuition cost we need your help. We are grateful for all the families that have been, and continue to be, part of our school family. Please show your support with a donation today.


After a century of educating over thousands of children within Boulder County, the school’s Board of Directors was challenged with the rapid growth of young families living in the north Denver Metro area. Motivated by a desire to better serve future generations, the Board adopted a bold new plan to create Vista Ridge Academy.

Vista Ridge Academy is conveniently located in a modern development northwest of the I-25 and I-470 interchange near Sheridan Parkway and Highway 7. The school name was changed to Vista Ridge Academy and was moved to the new location in February of 2004.

Since the first school year nearly 15 years ago, Vista Ridge Academy has taught more than 600 students in the North Denver Metro area.

We Want to Meet You!

Come visit us and learn more about our Preschool through 8th Grade program. Call 303-828-4944 to schedule a tour.