Vista Ridge Academy News

Worship and Egg Drop

By Marsha Bartulec – Erie, Colorado …Students experienced a special week-long worship event at Vista Ridge Academy during the first week of April, where they were able to connect with God through lessons, stories, prayer, and fun, including an ending to the week which involved eggs being tossed from the roof. The week of worship […]

Vista Ridge Academy Goes Around the World

By Marsha Bartulec … Erie, Colorado … Participants in the annual Vista Ridge Academy (VRA) scholarship gala traveled “around the world” during the virtual event. The evening affair featured ten unique desserts from different parts of the world. Some 50 participants were invited to the event and were given the option of picking up a […]

Baking Bread in Bible Class

By Marsha Bartulec – Erie, Colorado … Third and fourth graders at Vista Ridge Academy finished studying the story of Ruth in their Bible class based on the Encounter Elementary Curriculum. The learning objectives for the unit included becoming familiar with the biblical story of Ruth; understanding the ideas of hospitality, loyalty and caring for […]

Strings of the Rockies Program at Vista Ridge Academy

We believe that the arts play a crucial role in building strong minds. In addition to weekly music and art classes, Vista Ridge Academy offers the opportunity for students to participate in choir and our Strings of the Rockies program (funded in part by Avista Adventist Hospital). The Strings of the Rockies program at Vista […]